Online Creativity Course to Think Outside The Box

Unleash Your Creative Powers

Online Creativity Course to Become a Creative Thinker

A lot of the advice we find about creativity out there are about paralyzing advice: “be creative”, “think outside the box”, “be different”… but rarely say HOW concretely.

So I’ve created an entire online creativity course on how you can think more creatively, whether you are an entrepreneur, artist, employee, mother, hustler or whatever the hell you do.

The ultimate online creativity course for
amazing people who want to develop their creativity.
This is what students say after taking the online creativity course! Check it out and see if this course seems to be for you!
  • "I really like it!"

    Leah H.
    "I really like it! I am going through some big life changes right now, and I really appreciate that creativity will get me through it".
  • "I am loving the course!"

    Tamara Hendrix
    "The videos are great! Love the personal touch you give in everything you do; you make creativity and imagination accessible to all. I also really like the “bullet points” or “tips” at the end of each teaching. The “What If” section is excellent and helps clear the clutter from the mind".
  • "Butzi was for me a real revelation"

    Guillaume Beauregard
    "The course was a great inspiration in my artistic and entrepreneurial development. It's the spark that ignites your dreams".
  • "Butzi's greatest skill is to awaken the creative genius in you"

    Sonia Choquette
    "Butzi's greatest skill is to awaken the creative genius in you with his masterful help you will unleash creativity you didn't know was in you".

After years for working as a Magician, Creator of Illusions and Actor, Butzi becomes an International TEDx and Keynote Speaker and creativity expert.

In the past few years, he also directed short films and countless videos for artists and entrepreneur as a freelancers. Performer at the magic castle and author of 2 books on Creativity, he gave 3 TEDx talks and taught creative body and mind workshops around the world. Now he focuses on teaching creativity for companies on stage and for individuals through his online creativity course.


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